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Winter Shades

"Ultra violet from the new Wella 'Create' range is our fave hair colour trend this Winter season."

- Katrina (in house Colour Specialist)

The ultra violet shade can be incorporated easily into your desired style by it being a very soft shade to something more striking. This colour works amazingly with blondes. When the tone fades over time it leaves your hair with a clean icy blonde.

For those wanting a slight warmth but still keeping it icy for Winter 'Frosted Pink' is the perfect shade! Keeping your champagne blonde with a soft hue of icy pink blending through. Again this colour will eventually fade leaving you with a lovely soft pearl blonde tone.

The balayagé is still up there 'on-trend' this season. In the central image above you can see a recent balayagé with deep cherry red shinning through. With this colour we are keeping the tones more and blending it beautifully with the clients darker hair shade.

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