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2020 Price Menu

Dear Clients & future Clients,

Please note our prices will increase as of January 2020.

It has been over 2.5 years since our prices last increased and a lot of changes have happened over the past couple of years; rise of national insurance contributions, national living wages, inflation of pension contributions. Over this time we have also changed to the luxury colour brand Wella with a better colour range for our clients, continual training for all of our staff and the never ending maintenance of the salon.

Inflation has happened everywhere except Fratelli Hair, as we catch up with the rest of the world we have made sure that we have stayed affordable to everyone by extending our colour services and introducing our New Talent level.

You will also notice slight changes to the structure of our colour services with regards to a Blow Dry after a colour. There will now be a £10 express Blow Dry charge for any colours that are not back to a Stylist for a haircut or full price styled Blow Dry.

We hope that you will understand our need for this to remain committed to the high standards of service you have come to know and love us for.

Thank you for all of your continuous support, here's to 2020!

Joey & Luigi


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