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Gender Free 01.04.18

Updated: Mar 28, 2018

April 2018 makes way for a big change to Fratelli as it become Cambridge's first gender free salon. With a slight refurbishment and a rebranding from ''Fratelli Ladies & Mens Hair Salon" to 'Fratelli Hair Cambridge' it paves a new path for the salon and it's clients.

Samantha Nice from Velvet Mag talks to the Fratelli Directors Luigi & Joey, about why they have made the

move to becoming a gender-neutral salon.

You have recently made the decision to become a gender-neutral salon. Why is this?

The change to become a gender-free salon stems from us wanting to be able to tailor-make appointments to suit the individual. In the past, our price list for cuts was based on gender, whereas our colour appointments were based on time. It made us begin to question why. Once upon a time, long hair, short hair, bobs, crops and skin fades were either considered a ladies or man’s hairstyle and society led everyone to believe that long hair was to keep a lady looking feminine and short hair kept men masculine. Society has dramatically moved on and today it is widely accepted for people to express themselves as they wish. We wanted to reflect that here at Fratelli.

What will be different?

We will now have a price list which is based entirely on the time of your appointment. We won’t have ladies or men’s haircuts at a set price. Nothing will change in terms of the service we provide but customers may find they are paying less if one of our stylist’s feels confident that they can provide the service in a shorter appointment time. All of our new clients will be required to book in for a 60-minute haircut on their first visit so it allows us to get to know them and gage the time needed to cut their hair.

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